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Winter League Results

Gents Winter League Prize Winners 2018

1st G Stafford £120

2nd C Armstrong £100

3rd I Johnson £80

=4th B Wigham £50

=4th G McArdle £50

6th D Toor £20


(Starting Categories to count, men only)

1st in Cat 1 C Armstrong £20

1st in Cat 2 G Stafford £20

1st in Cat 3 N Morley £20

1st in Cat 4 D Toor £20

Total number of players; 50 = £500 paid out.

Ladies Winter League Prize’s 2018

1st H Milburn £25

2nd M Spence £15

Total number of players; 4 = £40 paid out.

Well done to all the prize winners and thanks to all who took part.

Gary Elliott.




The Winter League commences on October 28th 2017. The rules are below under the current positions.

Listed below is the current scores to date. This will be updated regularly.

View the Ladies scores

View the the Mens scores

➢ A player may play and submit a score on a Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday

➢ A player must post their signed and dated card in the marked Winter League slot next to the computer in the Bar.

➢ The average of your best 10 scores will count towards your final score.

➢ There will be a fixed Standard Scratch of 37pts. Any score above this will receive the appropriate category reduction in your handicap.

➢ There will be no increase in a player’s handicap.

➢ A player will be responsible to reduce their handicap by the appropriate amount if he scores 38 pts or over on a Saturday and plays on a Sunday or Wednesday.

➢ An ‘Order of Merit’ sheet along with any handicap change will be posted before play of the following weekend.

➢ The Winter League will run from Saturday October 28th 2017 to Sunday 8th of April 2018. Lots of rounds to get your 10 scores in!

➢ A player must pay his Winter League entrance fee of £10 to C.Dilley before Saturday 11th November 2017.

➢ As this is an official Club competition there will be no Teeing up on Winter Mats off the fairways or ‘gimmie putt’s’

➢ There will be prizes for the first 5 or 6 (depending on numbers) in the ‘Order of Merit’, Prize for the Best Lady and also a prize for the best average for all 4 Handicap Categories, (this will be based on your starting handicap).

➢ You will revert back to your Consett & District GC handicap once the summer season commences or play in any Club ran competition that may be played during this period.

➢ All money taken in will be paid out.

➢ The Winter League is an official Club Competition and will have a ‘Winners Board’ displayed in the Clubhouse.

The Winter League was played for the 3rd time last year with the intention of allowing all members the opportunity of playing organised competitive golf over the winter period at the Club, it was a great success with 44 members electing to play over this period, with a presentation night in April.

Lastly, congratulations if you have stayed awake and digested all of the above and here’s to another year of enjoyable winter golf…

Best regards,

Gary Elliott.

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