Consett and District Golf Club

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Consett Golf Club Local Rules

1.       Out of Bounds. ( 27)

a)       Beyond any hedge, fence or railings bordering the course.

b)      The Cottages, all gardens and rear yards to the right of the 4th hole.

2.       Immovable Obstructions. (24-2)

         All artificially surfaced roads and paths are immovable obstructions and rule 24-2b applies.

3.       Movable Obstructions. ( Rule 24-1)

         Stones in bunkers and all hazard marker posts are movable obstructions.

4.       Water Hazards. ( Rule 26-1)

Ordinary water hazards are indicated or defined by yellow stakes or lines. Lateral water hazards    are indicated or defined by red stakes or lines.

5.       Protection of Young Trees. (Rule 24)

Protection of young trees identified by stakes. If such a tree interferes with a players stance or    area of his intended swing the ball MUST be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with the procedure prescribed in Rule 24-2b. The ball may be cleaned when so lifted. 

6.       6th Green and Apron. (Rule 25-3)

A ball coming to rest on the 6th green or apron when playing another hole should be lifted and dropped in the nearest Dropping Zone without penalty. In the absence of such Dropping Zones the green and apron should be treated as a Wrong Green and relief taken in accordance with Rule 25-3( lift and drop within one club length of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole).

7.       Overhead Wires. ( 33-8/13)

 If a ball strikes the overhead power lines crossing the 4th hole the player must disregard the stroke and drop another ball as near as possible to the spot from which the original stroke was played in accordance with rule 20-5.

8.       Ground under Repair. ( Rule 25-1)

           Ground under repair is defined by white lines.

9.       Fixed Sprinkler Heads. ( 24-2)

All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and Rule 24-2 applies. Also refer to Appendix 1 item 6 – page 130.

10.   Temporary Greens.

Take relief from. ( Rule 25-3)


a) A ball lying on the path at the 5th hole may be dropped in either of the two Drop Zones, not nearer the hole, without penalty.

b) A ball lying against the fence at the 5th hole and not on the path may be dropped in the Drop Zone, not nearer the hole, subject to a one stroke penalty.

Penalty for Breach of Local Rules

Match Play – loss of hole.      Stroke Play – two strokes.

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