Consett and District Golf Club

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Hole by Hole Tour

Consett – Hole 1   Par 4   The Ramp

A nice opening hole to loosen up the muscles, a good drive to the left side of the side of the fairway will leave a short iron to a plateau green. Check the pin position as club selection is important when playing to this large green.

Yardage White 374   Yellow 351   Red 349

Consett – Hole 2   Par 4   The Coolers

Keep your drive down the left side as the fairway runs to the right. A nice drive will leave a mid iron to a green guarded by mounds left and a bunker right. Club selection is important as “Out of Bounds” lurks at the back for the misjudged shot. A par is always a good score here.

Yardage White 392 Yellow 385 Red 378

Consett – Hole 3   Par 4   Holly Bush

A well struck drive will leave a short to mid iron to a large green where again club selection is crucial. Keeping your second shot to the right will increase your chances of hitting the green.

Yardage White 400 Yellow 396 Red 393

Consett – Hole 4   Par 5   Road Hole

An interesting Par 5 which must be played down the left side of the fairway for the length of the hole. Any shot drifting right, in particular the drive, will make par a difficult score 

Yardage White 504  Yellow 496 Red 419

Consett – Hole 5    Par 3   Cottages

A tricky Par 3 guarded at the front by well placed trees. Out of bounds along the full length of the hole on the left makes alignment crucial.

Yardage White 158 Yellow 154  Red 134

Consett – Hole 6   Par 3   The Look Out

With the green plateaued on the left and two frog eye bunkers for anything short, this is a well guarded hole. With the teeing area being lower than the green it makes club selection important

Yardage White 152 Yellow 149 Red 109

Consett – Hole 7   Par 5   Pulpit

The signature hole of the course. Before teeing off spend a few seconds and enjoy the view! Beware the out of bounds on the left, keep your drive right, then a well placed second shot to the edge of the trees will leave a short pitch to the green. A well earned birdie could be the result.

Yardage White 488 Yellow 480 Red 446

Consett – Hole 8   Par 3   Hospital Hole

Probably the most difficult Par 3 on the course. This tricky two tier green is guarded by out of bounds down the left and a dense wood on the right. Be aware of the pin position, a tee shot on the wrong level leaves a three putt a distinct possibility.

Yardage White 185 Yellow 167 Red 165

Consett – Hole 9   Par 5    Plateau

An intimidating tee shot through an avenue of trees must be followed by a solid second shot if you are to have a short iron to a high plateau two tier green. Beware of missing the green on the right

Yardage White 485 Yellow 467 Red 351

Consett – Hole 10   Par 5   The Old One

Play the drive down the right side to avoid the heavily wooded area left, the approach should also be right as the green slopes sharply right to left. Longer hitters may be looking at a birdie opportunity here.

Yardage White 502 Yellow 487 Red 455

Consett – Hole 11   Par 4   The Dip

A solid tee shot, maybe with a fairway wood keeping left of the big tree will leave a short iron approach from the top of the hill, maybe a birdie beckons!

Yardage White 368 Yellow 358 Red 331

Consett – Hole 12   Par 4    The Avenue

A difficult par 4, a solid drive left of centre leaves a tough mid iron second through an avenue of trees. Any shot to the right will make par difficult. Feel good if you make 4 at this challenging hole

Yardage White 368 Yellow 363 Red 353

Consett – Hole 13   Par 4    The Tree Quarter

The fairway slopes sharply from right to left, but a well placed drive will leave a short iron to the green. The green is steeply plateaued left so beware of missing on that side; favour the right for your approach.

Yardage White 380 Yellow 368 Red 355

Consett – Hole 14   Par 3     The Burn

An uphill par 3 well guarded with bunkers at the front. Club selection is vital; beware of out of bounds on the left.

Yardage White 147 Yellow 143 Red 137

Consett – Hole 15   Par 4   Heartbreak Hill

Well deserving of stroke index 1, don’t be fooled by the yardage, this is a tough uphill par 4. A drive to the top of the plateau gives a chance of reaching in two. Aim at the tree behind the green and hope for a solid strike, anything less and it will be tough to save par.

Yardage White 385 Yellow 382 Red 293

Consett – Hole 16   Par 4    Camels Back

A well placed tee shot down the left side of the fairway is required here; this should leave a short iron to the green. Accuracy from the tee is the key, as out of bounds left and the trees on the right will catch out the unwary.

Yardage White 359 Yellow 343 Red 338

Consett – Hole 17   Par 3   Water Hole

An uphill par 3 where club selection is crucial. Beware of being long as it will leave a very fast and tricky chip or putt.   

Yardage White 140 Yellow 137 Red 131

Consett – Hole 18   Par 4   The Last Straw

A short par 4 to finish; which the long hitters can reach. A birdie or par at worst should be your score here before enjoying a well earned drink in the bar.

Yardage White 296 Yellow 280 Red 215



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