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2017 Captain’s Farewell Blog (December) & Farewell Dinner – Bill Leathley

The Captain’s Farewell Dinner is being held at the Golf Club on Saturday February 17th. Tickets are £30 to include a 3 course meal and entertainment. Tickets obtained from the bar, so come along and say farewell to the 2017 Captain

Captain’s final supplement (Bill Leathley)

Season’s greetings to you all I hope you all have a Merry Xmas and a great New Year. Looking back over the year from a golfing perspective, I believe we have been very lucky with the weather. We have played into December on summer greens and tees with little problem. It’s noticeable also that we are having a few functions at the golf club which can only be a plus for the club.

December started off with the Team dinner and get together. This turned out to be a great night with Mark and John setting up the evening with a number of games. We enjoyed it so much they’ve been invited back next year. My thanks to the guys for the wonderful bouquet of flowers they gave to Mrs L and a watch which absolutely knocked me for six. It was inscribed on the back 2017 Captain with my name and a phrase we v used all year “airborne”, and on the front cover was the parachute Regiment cap badge. I don’t have words which can describe how I felt and what that has meant to me. I will treasure it for all time. Thanks guys I’m sure a lot of thought went into that wonderful gesture.

The following week I attended another function laid on by the Durham branch of the PRA at the golf club, a good money spinner for the club I hope.

The new booking system looks very good and is fairly easy to understand. I have written a walkthrough out on a A4 embossed sheet of paper for your guidance. You can now book your competition either from your armchair or at the club. This shows the club is moving forward.

We had the children’s Xmas party Sunday 17th and what a fantastic day the kids had. They met a very portly Santa who dished out the presents, and the faces on some of the kiddies was an absolute treasure to behold. Thanks to the ladies and everyone who made it possible. You did a great job.

I attended the new years eve party at the club we had a fantastic night. Well done to Jeff Farnsworth along with Dick Burton who organised the function.

I would like to finish with some thanks first to Gerry for his help during which proved to be a successful one for the team. I wish him well along with his V Captain Shaun Stokoe for next year. I hope it turns out well. Thanks to the professional as I could not have completed all of my objectives during the year if it had not been for Craig Dilley. He was a crucial factor in a successful year. Thanks to Tom and the seniors for their support, also to the ladies Captain, Catherine, and the ladies section who have also helped out during the year, and thanks also to the junior section who have also supported throughout the year. Last but not least, my thanks go to the members for their support during the year, be it following the team or helping out in the divot program repairing divots or their donations to my charity and giving raffle donations.

I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and a successful year on the links and thanks for the memories.