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Captains Blog for August

Captains Report August (Bill Leathley)

Hi everyone, I hope your golf is improving and you all have had a great month both on and off the golf course. Things are starting to wind down now as far as the captaincy is concerned. It’s been a blast and made more so by you the members who have participated in everything I’ve organised or suggested. August has been relatively quiet compared to the last three or four months.

The high point of the month for me has been the Captains Prize or Captains Charity. There were over one hundred and forty entrants, a record. This was evident at the halfway house, where we were sold out in no time leaving very very little eats for the captain tisc tisc. What a day, you certainly made it one to remember. We had two fantastic raffles during the day and a great night listening to easy music to round off the day. After the count, you raised over seven hundred pounds including one collection box for On Course foundations charity during the day’s activities. Give yourselves a pat on the back, especially the people who came to the evening’s entertainment it was unbelievable the amount you raised. I thank you all for the effort you put in. My thanks also go to Catherine, our lady captain, who ran the halfway house with her husband all day, also with help from Chris. Thanks also to Rachael for all her help in organising the day and Joanne and her staff for working so hard to make it a success. If I’ve forgotten anyone my apologies.

On the 30th Craig and myself played in the Professional and Captains day at Rudding Park North Yorkshire and finished with a credible forty points. We had a wonderful day. The event was run by the PGA and was a real eye opener for me. There was a little discrepancy with our team during the round. The guys we were playing with, the Captain and Professional from the City of Newcastle, weren’t sure who was who, by that I mean who was the professional and who was the captain. I had to put them straight of course!! A great day thanks Craig you played really well considering your extra load!!! Tee Hee.

On the 1st of September we hosted the I Support a Hero charity with a shotgun start for serving military personnel and veterans alike. We had a wonderful day with lots of golf and raffle prizes for all. Guests included Eric Gates ex Ipswich and Sunderland footballer, we also had Mickey Horswill ex Sunderland footballer who, with his playing partner, after a count back on the last 6 won first prize with a score of 47 points. Well done to them. A great day was had by all. We hope to host this event again next year and make it into an annual competition.

I have one free fall tandem jump which I will, in the near future, be either raffling or auctioning for my charity. A possible suggestion is raffle tickets at five pound a ticket. There will be a two hundred pound reserve on the jump, so names will be taken in the event that the limit is not reached. Alongside this jump is the opportunity for the winner to purchase another jump for one hundred and ninety pounds, a greatly reduced price.(in actual fact you would get two jumps for less than the price of one). These jumps could be used for a charity fund raiser or just a fun day out! I’m trying to get some feedback on which way to do it so if anyone has any ideas please let’s have a chat.

Till next month